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Three LP set features original tracklistings and mixes!

Eric Clapton's - Give Me Strength: The '74/'75 Sessions. The wonderful new 461 Ocean Boulevard-era Super Deluxe Edition, capturing a full year's worth of recordings between April 1974 - June 1975.

In April 1974, a physically rejuvenated and musically refreshed Eric Clapton returned to North Miami's Criteria Studios to begin his recording career anew. After four year absence the legendary guitarist would, in a three-year period, emerge with 461 Ocean Boulevard, one of the milestone albums of his career and the one that would re-establish his place in the pantheon of rock musicians.

This release captures a full year's worth of recordings, April 1974 - June 1975 featuring the likes of "I Shot The Sheriff," "Let It Grow" & "Motherless Children." It also features material from the equally legendary E.C Was Here and There's One In Every Crowd.

Eric Clapton "Give Me Strength: The 1974-75 Recordings" ..... Online Price $61.20