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Spirit & The Blues is a real odyssey of Eric's music. Here we find everything from black Mississippi blues to spirituals, ballads, country and even reggae -- sometimes with an almost electrified swing, but guaranteed "unplugged" in the finest Opus 3 tradition! About him Eric has gathered a large number of musicians from rock, folk and blues and, last but least, "The Deacons" -- a gospel quintet from the USA which was actually formed while this recording was being made.

Swedish Label, Opus 3, was the first to record Bibb, and their supurb Analogue sound suits his intimate style perfectly. On 2 x 45 rpm records. Highly Recommended.

Microphones: AKG C-426 Stereo Microphone and AKG C-414 B-TL II (double bass only) Mixer: custom-built, vacuum tube design Analogue Recorder: Telefunken Magnetophon M-28C Tape: SM 468


Eric Bibb "Spirit & the Blues" 2 x 45 rpm Opus 3: Online Price : $62.00

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