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'Just Like Love' takes a look into my kitchen where I spend a lot of at-home time...writing new songs and remembering early favourites like: 'Home In That Rock.' Writing songs is like panning for gold - you never know when a nugget will wind up in your hand. I've been writing since I was eleven and still haven't figured out how a song happens. They often show up in groups of two and three - then nothing for months. Most of the songs presented here are recent arrivals. I like to think of them as reincarnations of old soul songs.

Swedish Label, Opus 3, was the first to record Bibb, and there supurb Analogue sound suits his intimate style perfectly.

Microphones: AKG C-426 Stereo Microphone and AKG C-414 B-TL II (double bass only) Mixer: custom-built, vacuum tube design Analogue Recorder: Telefunken Magnetophon M-28C Tape: SM 468

Original Master Re-issues 180 gram vinyl from Pure Pleasure.

Eric Bibb "Just Like Love" 180 gram Opus 3: Online Price : $34.00

------- Quality : Australian distributor for------

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