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The most awesome, the most swinging rhythm group of all times! Superlative after superlative come to mind when you listen to these nine numbers, which were recorded at the end of the Fifties. The idea of scaling down Ellington's band for jam-session-like numbers is absolutely genial because it offers soloists great opportunities to display their artistry. And these wind musicians are the best of the best, masters of their instruments. We have Roy Eldridge, who influenced the transition from swing to be-bop and a modern style of trumpet playing; Harry Edison, whose light and airy Basie-swing style cannot be denied; and Ben Webster, who amalgamates both the Count's and the Duke's style of swing. And then there is Johnny "The Rabbit" Hodges, whose natural feeling for rhythm and gentle tone is brought to optimal expression within this concept.

Original Master Re-issues 180 gram vinyl from Speakers Corner.

Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges "Side By Side" Speakers Corner : Online Price $39.60

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