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Why Vinyl?


Why Vinyl? We read that vinyl sales are on the increase - surely this is untrue - didn't they stop making them 20 years ago! Well, no they didn't, so why is this "ancient" technology still around? We live in an age of great scientific advances, but something old does not necessarily mean inferior – valves for example are still used for amplifiers with good reason.

Read on for our take on why is it so, what’s it all mean, and what is on offer!

Why Vinyl?

In a recent interview, respected Audio Engineer and Remastering Guru, Steve Hoffman, said that according to all by which we measure such things, CD should be superior, it is just that, simply,

"Vinyl Sounds Better".

We hear – vinyl has a “warmer sound”, or vinyl has more “musicality” – both true, but we think it is just more “listenable”. Even when a record does not offer an obviously superior sound, if you really "listen to music" and want a more rewarding listening experience, this is where vinyl comes into its own. We have “analogue ears” so perhaps we need analogue sound reproduction! (apologies for whoever I stole that from)


The modern day record album is of usually of a very high quality, with thick vinyl and is quite often pressed on two records for superior sound quality. Also there are quite a number of smaller companies offering high end sound with pressings taken from the original masters with superior vinyl. Obviously the better the reproduction equipment these are played on, the better the result, however, even on the most humble of players, the difference can be marked.

Where we come in!!

Quality Records…plus started 23 years and we not only stock new vinyl releases, but re-issues from specialist labels such a Rhino, Mobile Fidelity, ORG, Analogue Productions, Pure Pleasure and of course the German Label Speakers Corner for whom Quality records…plus are the Australian distributor!! We carry 1,000 plus titles in stock at all times and many more are available to order from our worldwide suppliers.

  If you cannot see what you are searching for, or wish to order these or any other titles, please either visit, fax, phone or e-mail us, and we will do our best to be of assistance.

All prices quoted are correct at the time of publishing, but please check with us before ordering! Also titles have a habit of disappearing suddenly from the companies catalogue, so we cannot guarantee availability!


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