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We already knew we were pretty good but now its been confirmed:

"...Quality Records in Malvern.... has a superb collection of the latest new releases along with a great selection of used classical vinyl at ridiculously reasonable prices."

-Michael Fremer (Vinyl Guru & Journalist) 2014


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Quality Records...Plus has over its 23 years of existence become one of Melbourne, Australia's, premier independent record stores specialising in the buying, selling or exchanging New and Used VINYL, New and Used CDs, DVDS and BOOKS. We pride ourselves on being a "retro" store, that is, service, range of stock, knowledge, and being prepared to go those extra yards (metres - kilometres) to find and source those hard to get items. Also our store is something of a "destination" - a place to go where our customers can feel comfortable in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere and be happy to spend many hours searching though the treasures. And our pricing makes us one of cheapest in town! Also we will do our best to obtain that hard to get C.D. or L.P. as we import worldwide.



Quality Records...plus was started almost twenty years ago by Melville Mays and Geoff Brecko. both refugees from the galleys of Batman Records, a Melbourne institution for over 50 years, and with more years than that in the Record Industry between them. When Geoff (known for his flamboyant dress and Harley-Davidson fixation) finally retired after 516 years in the music industry, his place was taken by Murray Stargatt, who with Mel, spent his formative teenage years in a drug and alcohol induced haze, trying to play Beatle records backwards on a fixed drive turntable! (well, the only part of that which was true was trying to play the records backwards - which is probably the weirdest part!). Mel started in the industry in the glory days of the late sixties, working for his father, the late Murray Lawrence Mays, who started the original C.R.A.M. (Camberwell Records And Music) and vividly remembers the excitement when the latest L.P. release was likely to be the Beatles Sgt Peppers or the Doors latest opus.

Tim was to be found manning the helm (and had been with us on and off for 9 years), and his taste in music, mentored and guided by his Father (Murray) and Godfather (Mel), is impeccable and eclectic, although he alone is solely responsible for his love of Austrian zither music! (this latter is also a lie, but I couldn't find any weakness in his musical make-up, so was forced to resort to deceit in order to blacken his name.

These days (with Tim now in Canberra taking over the world), Mel's two sons, Max and Jeremy can be found manning the counter. Max is now a fully fledged primary teacher and even has a full-time job - not all that easy to get these days but can still be seen about the place. Jeremy is using his talents as a Business student and is the go to IT guy when we break the computer. His love of J-Pop is best ignored.


Tim is watching (from elsewhere)!

El Senor "Astor Piazolla" Murray about to embark on a tango!

A recent recruitment to the elite Quality Team is the Penguin known as Private, who while being a most enthusiastic member of staff, was fired because of his unnatural attachment to the band Kiss in general, and Peter Criss in particular (looks a bit like a penguin?? - certainly plays like one!!!!!!!), which led to a parting of the ways (on artistic grounds). Any penguins looking for work need not apply.


After the unfortunate Penguin episode, we were lucky to be joined by young Nicholas McGregor who, although he lives in a musical wilderness haunted by the spectors' of old and ancient men (e.g. Eagles, Beach Boys, Spandau Ballet), and also went to a Kiss Concert - we may forgive him, but probably not as we can hold a grudge for years!!! Was a drummer in a Liverpudlian Band in a former life (and still plays the drums).



Mel and his two apprentices (Max and Jeremy). Either too many Blues Brothers or too few Reservoir Dogs.
When Quality Records...plus started 23 years ago, the aim was simple, to make a lot of money!! In addition, we wished to provide a place where music lovers (including us) could browse and listen to music in a relaxed environment, and to offer a wide range of Vinyl and CDs at reasonable prices, a trend away from what was happening in the industry at the time (and still is). The "Quality" by the way refers to service, the quality of the stock, and the condition of same of their used items- records free of gouges and coffee cup rings;  CD's that were guaranteed without fault! As to the "quality" of the music, that is up to you! When we started the shop, vinyl was dead, however old habits die hard, and our love affair with the "licorice pizza" led to Quality being at the forefront of the vinyl "revival" - as a stockist of used and new records! It's hard to be cutting edge and "retro" at the same time, but we think we achieved it. And this is where the web site comes in. The list of titles that we can reasonably expect to obtain easily is growing all the time, and as it is sometimes hard to find out what records are available, we hope that ourin-stock Catalogue will enable the collector to find what he or she is searching for. As you can see from the extent of the catalogue, vinyl is not dead or even suffering all that much.


We were there before the vinyl revolution, and you would have to travel far to find a better range of new records in stock!


Our (new) store is situated at 269 Glenferrie Road, Malvern, in the City of Melbourne, Australia. Our website is where we (attempt) to maintain a reasonably up-to-date catalogue of New Record Titles that are available, in addition to Used Classical Records.

Malvern, circa 1900 from the Town Hall Tower. Quality Records...plus is on the corner opposite the first building at the bottom of the picture. Our original shop was in the building with the sign on its side wall. The old Fire Station (now an Art Gallery) is still there. To find us click here

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We buy Records (sign of the times), and also some CDs, DVDs and books, but are a bit selective as to the latter formats. Lots of us Baby Boomers are down-sizing, and hey, it turns out that most CDs were indestructable, and so there are still a lot about. Happy to have a look 'though. You can sell for cash or exchange for an additional 25%.

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Mel's Dad, Murray. Owner of the original CRAM (Camberwell Records and Music) circa 1967.