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Music was Szymon Borzestowski's life. He loved it, lived it, breathed it. A bright, brilliant talent, the young Newcastle artist would happily lose himself in his bedroom studio for days, playfully honing his humble yet hypnotic art-pop. Sadly, Szymon lost his life at just 23. Lovingly curated by family and friends, 'Tigersapp' is the record he would have released, a glimpse into the vibrant world he hoped to share. From the swirling symphonic stomp of "Katyusha," to the dreamy-eyed folk of "Brokenworld," it's easy to lose yourself in 'Tigersapp.' Built on lush layers of guitar, bass, woodwind, drums, synth and samples, it's a stunning, startling commentary on the human condition laced with messages of hope, light and unconditional acceptance. Its quiet confidence is matched only by its beautiful, melancholy, powered by Szymon's enchanting voice. Songs like "Roma" and "Golden" flit and dance with a winsome yet wondrous spirit, while "Runaway" and "Medusa" explore lusher psych-pop territory.
Szymon - "Tigersapp" ..... Online Price $37.80