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Sonny Clark could be thought of as a jazz comet. He appeared in the jazz world from almost out of nowhere in 1957, he flashed brightly for five years, and then he left when he was just 31. Clark's brilliance was so powerful that every note he played is sought after by hard bop collectors. But even among his many classic recordings, Dial S For Sonny is something very special. His first studio album as a leader, Dial S For Sonny finds Clark bursting with youthful enthusiasm and his rapidly emerging talent while overflowing with ideas. He not only holds his own with Art Farmer, Curtis Fuller and Hank Mobley but absolutely steals the show. Clark shows what he learned from Bud Powell and then takes the music in surprising directions, creating stirring music on such timeless numbers as "Bootin' It," "Sonny's Mood" and "Shoutin' On A Riff." This dazzling set, heard for the first time in impeccable sound, is not easily forgotten.
Sonny Clark - "Dial S For Sonny" ..... Online Price $76.50