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Originally released in November 1984, this compilation contained many tracks from The Smiths' self-titled first album, as well as B sides and takes from BBC radio sessions. The release of this album was partly due to fan pressure, and gave them the opportunity to hear The Smiths in their primitive glory.

The Smiths were the definitive British indie rock band of the 1980s. Contrived by guitarist Johnny Marr, The Smiths evolved when Marr unearthed vocalist Stephen Morrissey and insisted upon a collaboration. The idea was to produce songs which were always instantaneous and listenable while also provoking deep thought; emeshing Morrissey's words with Marr's music in a sound which, above all, would stand apart without being inaccessible or esoteric.

Smiths - "Hatful Of Hollow" ..... Online Price $37.80