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Absolutely stunning performance from virtuoso Ruggiero Ricci with sympathetic support from the London Symphony conducted by Oiven Felstadt. Once of Decca's finest early stereo recordings taken from the original master tapes and loveingly restored by Speakers Corner's and pressed at Pallas in Germany.

"The violin had got me completely under its spell; for ten years it was my greatest wish to become a great violin virtuoso," confessed Finland's national composer Jean Sibelius in later years. Although he began a career as a violin virtuoso too late, as a composer he profited enormously from his intimate knowledge of the instrument and the possibilities it offered. This is particularly apparent in his Violin Concerto with its wonderful synthesis of virtuosic expression and technical bravura, its classical symphonic form, its outward effects and inner substance.


Sibelius "Violin Concerto" Ruggiero Ricci / Felstadt ..... Online Price $44.10