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Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward are She & Him, and Classics is their new album, a compilation of timeless covers, that have been previously recorded by artists such as Billie Holiday, Johnny Mathis, Dusty Springfield, Louis Armstrong, and Elvis Costello. The duo first met on the set of the film "The Go-Getter," in which Deschanel had a starring role. The director introduced them to each other, and asked them to sing a duet together to be played at the end credits of the film. In honor of the full-bodied sound of the original classics, She & Him recorded the new album live, including full brass, strings, piano, bass, guitar, drums and flute on their rendition of Springfield's classic melody. Ward's guitar shimmers and flows beside Deschanel's whole-hearted and warm vibrato, weaving a hearty live version that allows for the spontaneity that captured the spirit of the songs in their truest form.
She & Him - "Classics" ..... Online Price $34.20