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As fully formed legends go, Seasick Steve ticked all the boxes when he shot to stardom after his one-man invasion of Jools Holland's New Year's Eve Hootenanny 10 years ago. Festivals roared as punters embraced his boxcar tales, self-made guitars and the grizzled warmth he happily translated onto record, writes Classic Rock Magazine. Now in his mid-70s, Steve takes a more reflective approach on his eighth album, letting his full-bore blues roar take a back seat in favour of compelling reflections such as the tough but tender life lessons of "Maybe I Might" and "Hard Knocks," along with well-chosen cover versions including Glen Campbell's "Gentle On My Mind," the Harry Nilsson hit "Everybody's Talkin'" and Arthur Lee's desperate "Signed DC."
Seasick Steve - "Keepin the Horse Between me and the Ground" ..... Online Price $40.50