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Gold — the brilliant second solo album from Ryan Adams — will only heighten the artist’s current role as one of the most revered songwriter-performers of his generation. But like all great art, Gold should also serve to surprise and confuse the expectations of those who’ve been quick to place labels on the extremely talented and prolific former leader of the now-legendary alternative-country band Whiskeytown. While Adams’ previous releases were mostly downbeat affairs, all it takes is one listen to the Pete Townshend-like power chords and ‘60s soul organ that dominate this album’s opening track, “New York, New York” — or the happy-go-lucky, take-no-prisoner harmonica on “Firecracker” with its “Let me be your baby tonight” chorus —to alert the listener to the fact that Gold is going to be anything but a sad affair.
Ryan Adams - "Gold" ..... Online Price $30.60