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Roy Orbison is often credited with having one of the most powerful voices in Rock 'n Roll. He certainly had one of the most distinctive ones; yet his operatic quavering and impressive range were used to portray a quiet and desperate vulnerability that was foreign to most of his rebelling, sex drugs & rock n roll contemporaries. This vulnerability is probably why he was so very popular in the '60s, and why after a dip of almost twenty years he could easily reclaim his prominence in the '80s. When David Lynch (in)famously used his song 'In Dreams' in the film Blue Velvet the public (and Roy himself) learned that there was a different side to his sultryness, and interest in his music was renewed. Music On Vinyl is releasing 'The Monument Singles Collection', with amongst others 'Only The Lonely', 'Crying', and of course 'Pretty Woman'.
Roy Orbison - "Monument Singles" ..... Online Price $40.50