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It is an utter and complete joy to listen to this third album of the Mexican guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela. Actually, let's call it a riotous celebration. After the first studio album, and one live album they toured all over the world with greats such as David Gray and Buena Vista Social Club. For the recording of this album they hooked up with the legendary producer John Leckie who was able to help them capture the excitement of their live gigs. The tracks are dancing between ancient and futuristic Latin rock to romantically seductive folk. If you've never heard of this controversial duo, this album is the ultimate introduction. Rodrigo y Gabriela, where metal chops, flamenco, and tango music become entwined in a musical ménage à trois.

Rodrigo Y Gabriela - "Rodrigo Y Gabriela " ..... Online Price $30.60