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There are hundreds of pieces of music that can be played backwards — so-called palindromes. But nobody has ever seen a long-playing record that plays backwards. Until now that is! This LP is Tacet's latest production — a company that is always good for surprises regarding recording techniques. Unlike a "normal" LP the needle is put down at the lead-out groove and moves outwards. Behind this apparent gag is nothing other than the wish to achieve the very best sound possible with the general awareness that music often begins softly and ends loudly. A great pity that this phenomenon is not taken into account when employing the usual cutting technique, for the further the pick-up arm moves towards the center, the more information has to be stored per groove centimeter with a constant revolution speed. The result: with an increasing level of sound the high notes tend to suffer from distortion.
Ravel - "Carlo Rizzi, Bolero, La Valse" ..... Online Price $44.10