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Sergei Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No. 2, Prelude in E flat major op. 23 and Prelude in C sharp minor op. 3 - Byron Janis and the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra conducted by Antal Dorati.

The Second Piano Concerto represents Rachmaninov’s escape from a crisis lasting several years during which he experienced one catastrophe after another. At the suggestion of his psychiatrist, who had prophesied that he would write wonderful music, he turned once again to the work – and it brought him his greatest success to that date. Although the piano writing demands enormous technical dexterity, the composer was apparently not solely aiming at producing a virtuosic showpiece, since the piano part clings snugly to the orchestra like an accompaniment for long stretches, although it does triumph powerfully here and there for good measure.

Rachmaninov - "Piano Concerto 2 - Byron Janis - Dorati" ..... Online Price $44.10