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The Pixies "Bossanova" Mobile Fidelity

Mastered from the original analog tapes! The opening instrumental to Bossanova makes it clear that the Pixies weren't about to take the same crazed approach on their major-label debut as they did on their initial standout efforts, 1987's Surfer Rosa and 1999's Doolittle. More straightforward, linear, fluid, subtle and dreamy, Bossanova finds the band exploring pop structures, dropping psychedelic accents and satisfying surf-rock urges. While it often verges on the off-the-beaten path, particularly for mainstream tastes circa 1990, the set is the most accessible and hook-ridden record the Pixies ever made. Black Francis' surreal narratives and breathy delivery flavor tunes like "Is She Weird," "Velouria" and "The Happening," all of which sonically and/or lyrically tie into themes of aliens and sex. Macabre fixations and noisy outbursts take a backseat to tunefulness, putting a spotlight on Joey Santiago's underrated guitar work and Kim Deal's complementary back-up vocals. Recognizing the changes, producer Gil Norton bestowed Bossanova with spacious dynamics and wide-open arrangements that allow the music to breathe.


The Pixies "Bossanova" Mobile Fidelity ..... Online Price $52.20

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