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After nearly 15 years away from the recording studio, Midnight Oil frontman Peter Garrett announces the details of his debut solo album, 'A Version Of Now.' The chorus of the opening track "Tall Trees" really says it all... "I'm back!" As the singer, songwriter, and former politician explains, this is a particularly personal project and one which initially happened by accident. "As I was finishing my memoir, melodies and lines kept dropping into my head and, big surprise, I ended up writing a few songs. Once these tunes were out in the sunlight I decided I might as well jump into a studio and record what I had along with a few other bits and pieces I'd always liked." In true Garrett style the nine songs on 'A Version Of Now' are an uncompromisingly direct set of tunes. They were tracked over just a few weeks last January at Rancom Street studios in Botany (Sydney) with Canadian born musician and acclaimed producer Burke Reid (Courtney Barnett, The Drones, Sarah Blasko and more). Mixing happened at Harry Vanda's Hercules Studios shortly thereafter making for a raw collection of frank and fearless songs.
Peter Garrett - "A Version of Now" ..... Online Price $43.20