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Peter Gabriel "New Blood" 2 LP

Gabriel's previous album "Scratch my Back" features re-inventions of songs by a wide variety of artist from Paul Simon to Radiohead to Regina Spektor. Those artists in turn will records songs of Gabriel and that album in due for release later this year. In the meantime, Gabriel did his own album of his own songs, using the similar minimalist approach taken by "Scratch my Back". This album, 'NEW BLOOD' features re-imagined arrangements of many of Peter's songs which dispense with the traditional weapons of the rock armoury - no guitars, no drum kit - the lyrics are exposed and laid bare, often taking new meaning with the passing of the years. These tracks were recorded with a 46-piece orchestra, with renowned orchestrator Ben Foster conducting. In addition to the album's 12 songs, there's also a special extra track of 'Solsbury Hill' (introduced by 'A Quiet Moment'; 5-minutes of ambient sound recorded by Peter's long-term engineer, Dickie Chappell, actually on Solsbury Hill). Production is by Gabriel along with the legendary Bob Ezrin ("The Wall").


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