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Peter Gabriel is set to release half-speed vinyl remasters for his So, Us and Up albums on July 15, 2016. All three titles are being pressed on 180-gram vinyl at 45 RPM, and each takes up multiple discs. So will spread out over two LPs, while Us and Up now fill three. Six years after earning his first blockbuster with the upbeat So, Gabriel finally delivered the subtle and shaded Us, and the 1992 LP benefitted from endless hours in the studio. Clearly, that great span of time indicates that Gabriel was obsessive in crafting the album. It's not just that the production is pristine, clean, and immaculate, writes AllMusic, it's that the music is, with only a handful of exceptions (namely, the "Sledgehammer" rewrite "Steam" and the fellatio ode "Kiss That Frog"), remarkably subtle and shaded. It's also not a coincidence that Us is, as Gabriel says in his liner notes, "about relationships," since the exquisitely textured music lets him expose his soul, albeit in a typically obtuse way.
Peter Gabriel - "Us" ..... Online Price $58.50