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Peter Gabriel is set to release half-speed vinyl remasters for his So, Us and Up albums on July 15, 2016. All three titles are being pressed on 180-gram vinyl at 45 RPM, and each takes up multiple discs. So will spread out over two LPs, while Us and Up now fill three. So is the fifth studio album (and seventh album overall) by British rock musician Peter Gabriel, released in 1986. Many of its songs reflect a more conventional pop-writing style and became radio hits, others still retain Gabriel's dark, brooding sense of experimentalism. It is Peter Gabriel's second album produced by Canadian artist Daniel Lanois. The previous year, the two of them had worked together on Birdy. Lanois had been previously known for his ambient collaborations with Brian Eno as well as producing U2 since 1984. As he had with the soundtrack to the film "Birdy," Lanois brought many of his own ambient sensibilities to this recording.
Peter Gabriel - "So" ..... Online Price $40.50