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1957 album by Peggy Lee with Frank Sinatra being the conductor of this recording. The 12 songs, by such song writers as Gershwin, Arlen, Rodgers and Kern, all create the theme of a woman's unwavering devotion to a man. Tracks: Side 1: 1. The Man I Love 2. Please Be Kind 3. Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe 4. (Just One Way to Say) I Love You 5. That's All 6. Something WonderfulSide 2: 1. He's My Guy 2. Then I'll Be Tired of You 3. My Heart Stood Still 4. If I Should Lose You 5. There Is No Greater Love 6. The Folks Who Live on the Hill.
Peggy Lee - "Man I Love" ..... Online Price $39.60