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Paul And Linda McCartney - Ram

The only album credited to both Paul and Linda McCartney, Ram reached number one in the U.K. and stayed in the U.S. top 10 for five months. Recorded after leaving The Beatles and before the formation of Wings, Paul and Linda initially flew to New York to record the songs they'd written but arrived without a band. As Paul recalls, "We were thinking of forming a group at that time, Wings. We went to New York, found a really grotty little basement somewhere and auditioned a bunch of people. We got someone to throw a lot of drummers at us, out of which we picked Denny Seiwell who's one of the best, and his personality fitted. Then we went in, worked with him, Hugh McCracken, Dave Spinozza, a couple of New York session men, and did Ram." To avoid arousing too much interest, the auditions were held under the guise of a session for a commercial jingle. The album features mainly Paul on lead vocals, with Linda joining him on harmonies. "I gave her a hard time, I must say [about the harmonies], but we were pleased with the results. Elton John later said somewhere that he thought it was the best harmonies he'd heard in a long while*. It was very much the two of us against the world at that point." Despite an initially lukewarm Rolling Stone review, it was later hailed by them as one of McCartney's best solo albums.

* nasty comment from Quality - if Elton really did say that, he really IS a very good friend.


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