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A singular jazz work, Patricia Barber's groundbreaking Mythologies is the result of the pianist becoming the only singer-songwriter to ever win a Guggenheim Fellowship. Allowed the time to craft a sophisticated album, the ambitious 2006 set is without peer in any musical genre. A cycle based on Greek mythology and Ovid's "Metamorphoses," Mythologies brings each of the 11 characters from Ovid's play to life in song. While the subject matter may not be to everyone's taste, the hallmark traits of Barber's superb vocal and breathtaking musicianship fromall concerned will carry the day easily. The recording quality is of course superb given the genius of Barber's long time audio engineer, Jim Anderson.

A 2 record set from Mobile Fidelity

Patricia Barber "Mythologies " ..... Online Price $80.10

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