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An authentic reproduction of the 1969 first pressing on audiophile vinyl Includes bonus voucher with choice of download formats, including 24-bit and dubbed from disc Nick Drake's bucolic autumnal shades in his 1969 debut album heralded a new signing for Island Records: not traditional enough to be folk, not weird enough to be psychedelic, Drake avoided the pitfalls of what was expected and collaborated with producer Joe Boyd, orchestrator Robert Kirby and recording engineer John Wood to make a singular and almost unique record released to a largely indifferent media. Part Donovan, part Jim Webb, he articulated an aching romanticism at a time when progressive rock ran rampant. Beautiful melodies and fragrant accompaniment, in particular Robert Kirby's stunning string arrangements, enhance the artist's sense of longing in which warm, but understated, vocals accentuate the album's passive mystery. A few leaves fell in the right place and Nick's reputation grew, despite his early death at 24 in 1976, escalating into the world-wide fame he enjoys today.

Nick Drake "Five Leaves Left"" ..... Online Price $28.80