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Distinguished New Yorker magazine jazz critic Whitney Balliett must have had someone like Monty Alexander in mind when he wrote that the fundamental intent of jazz “is to entertain and recharge the spirit with new beauties.” Indeed, the title of the book from which the above quotation is taken, The Sound of Surprise, serves as an apt description of what Jamaican-born pianist Alexander has been producing ever since he crashed the big-time jazz scene in the late 1960s. What sets him apart from most of his keyboard colleagues is the enormous range of his musical interests. He not only has paid his dues as a performer but, perhaps more importantly, as a listener as well. He brings the joy of celebration to his work: a celebration of his life in music and the music of his life. Delightful surprises abound in both the selection of his material and the execution of same. The seventh album for Monty on the Concord Jazz label has bassist Ray Brown and drummer Frank Gant lending sterling support. As is always the case with an Alexander album, the tunes reflect Monty’s broad musical interests and discriminating taste.
Monty Alexander Trio - "Full Steam Ahead" ..... Online Price $89.10