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Potions takes Lyn Stanley higher — Lost In Romance successfully achieved its objectives, presenting Lyn Stanley to a well-targeted international audiophile audience appreciative of both good material well-sung and the highest caliber sonics. The album was musical and sonic comfort food for an audience hungry for it. ... For her all-important follow-up Ms. Stanley doesn't stray all that far from her original game plan though the album's concept is in far better focus. Potions collects fourteen songs, mostly from the non-rock side of the 1950s (plus one LP bonus track from a different decade dedicated to her mentor Paul T. Smith who passed away in June of 2013). ... She glides and soars with an ease and control only occasionally heard on the debut, taking unexpected turns and abrupt volume shifts. She lingers longer and moves from phrase to phrase more gracefully and with greater rhythmic and intonation agility. ...the production and sound (are) even better here, again engineered and mixed by the great Al Schmitt. ... I guarantee you that Potions is among the best sounding new records (or SACDs) you are likely to hear this year or next, or the year after that
Lyn Stanley - "Potions" ..... Online Price $76.50