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The 1967 Newport Jazz Festival, 14th in a world-famous series, was inexplicably the first at which Lionel Hampton had ever appeared. Better late than never, the great vibist and bandleader came, played and conquered. As the crowd roars ecstatically at the end of this record, the awed but happy voice of producer George Wein is heard: "This hasn't happened since Duke..." he begins, casting back in his mind to 1956 and the nearest comparable triumph. There is nothing quite so effective as a big band at an outdoor jazz festival. So the 1967 Newport program included those of Count Basie, Buddy Rich, Woody Herman, Don Ellis and Lionel Hampton. Lionel knew the competition he had to face, and knew that in the festival's climatic spot-the last act on the last night — his performance would be compared with those of all the others. He prepared accordingly.
Lionel Hampton - "Newport Uproar" ..... Online Price $39.60