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First time available in its original mono mix since the 1960s

Expanded double LP edition with 15 bonus tracks; gatefold jacket

Eight-page booklet with detailed liner notes by John Dixon, including a previously unpublished 1998 interview with Lee

Previously unpublished archive photos

Originally released in 1963, Trouble... finds the bohemian cowboy sketching out a vivid picture of a backwater place named Trouble, where trouble with a small ‘t' is never far away. "Trouble is little and it's lonesome," he says, on the title track, "you won't find it on any map, but you can take three steps in any direction and you're there." Lee says plenty on the album. The first voice you hear is Hazlewood's spoken-word narration. It's a format the singer-songwriter would revisit frequently, introducing his stirring songs with a touch fireside storytelling in the rich, Texan drawl he'd tried hard to lose during years he was struggling to make it as an aspiring radio DJ.

Lee Hazlewood "Trouble is a lonesome town" ..... Online Price $35.10