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The album that put Larry Young and Woody Shaw on the jazz map, this exciting and inventive session with Joe Henderson and Elvin Jones. Churning rhythms, challenging ground breaking compositions and brilliant solo work make this album a classic that exerted great, uncredited influence on the next generation of jazz artists. If you happened to be a fan of the jazz organ sound in 1965, you knew exactly what to expect when you stepped into a club — greasy blues, ballads and jazz warhorses played at racecar tempos. Unity changed that. In one elegant stroke. All by itself. Embracing modal harmony and the freer, more open structures/language favored by the rising crew of post-bop musicians, Larry Young expanded commonly held notions of what was possible on the instrument; his brisk, restless, masterfully syncopated performances on this album brought the organ into the modern post-bop conversation.
Larry Young - "Untity(75th Anniversary)" ..... Online Price $26.00