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Hot In The Shade marks the end of an era for Kiss. It was the last album featuring the late, great, Eric Carr on drums (he died from cancer in 1991), and it was the last album where "pop" Metal tunes were in the majority. Soundwise, Hot In The Shade is an honest effort which showcases new influences for the band, says Sputnik Music. The album opens with an unexpected, twangy blues lick that immediately recalls Cinderella's mid-period career, a likeness which is continued through to the opening track, "Rise To It," itself. The new-found blues influences sound honest and well-applied, and there are some genuinely entertaining tracks, as well as some good riffs. All of Hot In The Shade's standouts are centered in the first half of the album.
Kiss - "Hot In The Shade" ..... Online Price $30.60