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180-gram LP with deluxe packaging! Never before on vinyl!

Four-page booklet and Gatefold jacket with original artwork.

Lacquer cut at SST (Schallplatten Schneid Technik) in Germany and pressed by Pallas Scofield is joined by Medeski, Martin & Wood for this collaborative album of avant-jazz-funk music.

John Scofield owes a great deal to Medeski, Martin & Wood for the success of A Go Go. The piano/organ, bass, and drum playing trio adds a world of bouncing vibes to Scofield's inquisitive, happy guitar work here. A Go Go is an album of mostly breezy, sometimes tense, jam-based grooves. The album's charm is in its "city meets the tropics" feel. The four players create such a warm, vibrant sound that resisting the urge to tap one's feet along with the beat becomes a near impossibility

John Scofield - "A Go Go" ..... Online Price $49.50