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The careful burnishing of John Lennon's daunting legend usually obscures one telling fact: The former Beatle endured a long and troubling artistic slump in the mid-'70s. Indeed, his five-year retirement/house husband phase may have been one of the shrewdest career moves he ever made. Cut in Los Angeles during his "Lost Weekend" — an 18-month separation from Yoko Ono (June 1973-January 1975), Walls and Bridges was a Billboard No. 1 album and a hit single maker. "Whatever Gets You Through the Night," Lennon's boisterous collaboration with Elton John, scored him his first No. 1 record as a solo artist, and compelling tracks like "Steel and Glass," "Going Down on Love," and "#9 Dream" belie the artistic genius Lennon was literally drowning in copious rounds of Brandy Alexanders during the period.
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