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After the harrowing Plastic Ono Band, John Lennon returned to calmer, more conventional territory with Imagine. While the album had a softer surface, it was only marginally less confessional than its predecessor. Underneath the sweet strings of 'Jealous Guy' lies a broken and scared man, the jaunty 'Crippled Inside' is a mocking assault at an acquaintance, and 'Imagine' is a paean for peace in a world with no gods, possessions, or classes, where everyone is equal. And Lennon doesn't shy away from the hard rockers – 'How Do You Sleep' is a scathing attack on Paul McCartney, 'I Don't Want To Be A Soldier' is a hypnotic antiwar song, and 'Give Me Some Truth' is bitter hard rock.
John Lennon - "Imagine" ..... Online Price $40.50