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Hendrix's performance at the Second Atlanta International Pop Festival was not only significant on a musical level, but also in terms of socio-political dynamics. The organizers were keen to push back against the cultural divide that was very much in evidence in the Deep South. It was assumed that rural audiences would not take kindly to "long-hair" bands, and that black and white artists could not comfortably exist on the same bill; Atlanta Pop set out to challenge those beliefs. Hendrix's music and message of universal love made him the ideal artist to represent that pushback, and, appropriately, he was the first act booked for the festival. The audio release Freedom: Jimi Hendrix Experience Atlanta Pop Festival from Experience Hendrix L.L.C. and Sony Legacy Recordings, includes six performances not seen in the upcoming Showtime TV documentary about Hendrix's Atlanta festival set. This is a 200-gram 2LP vinyl set, plated and pressed at Quality Record Pressings! The first 5,000 vinyl units will be individually numbered.
Jimi Hendrix - "Freedom Atlanta Pop Festival" ..... Online Price $49.50