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Individually Numbered, Limited-Edition, 45-RPM Box Set

Three 180-gram, 45-RPM discs with the entire original release, plus three exclusive bonus tracks, "La Luna Brilla," "Fool For The Look (In Your Eyes)" and Jennifer's superb rendition of Bob Dylan's classic "Born In Time."

The fabulous record from the multi-award-winning artist who brought us Famous Blue Raincoat. The analog recording is sweet, smooth and surprisingly restrained. Jennifer's interpretive prowess is given a full workout on brilliant covers of "Invitation To the Blues" and "And So It Goes," as well as the shimmering beauty of the title track and "Patriot's Dream." A delight for the ears and soul. All-tube mastering by Bernie Grundman specifically for 45-RPM release. Custom wood box with updated art and individually numbered plaques. Includes 12-page, large format booklet with notes, complete lyrics and new insights from Jennifer Warnes. Includes special pearlescent stock insert with illuminating article by Brad Buccholz. Personally supervised by Jennifer Warnes. .

Jennifer Warnes - The Well ..... Online Price $121.50