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Ingrid Michaelson has been a consistently evolving artist since her debut ''Slow The Rain''. Her lyrics are heart-felt, she has a strong vocal ability to back up her genuine stories, and she doesn't rely on sophisticated arrangements to stay relevant and relatable. Being her sixth album, ''Lights Out'' is no expection to her amazingness. Compared to ''Be OK'' and ''Everybody'', ''Lights Out'' is less cohesive and almost devoid of any acoustic guitars. But for the same very reasons, ''Lights Out'' is a solid effort because it reduces the chances of predictability and allows Ingrid visit unexplored territories. As an opening track, ''Home'' is a signature Ingrid track and signals the 14-track journey ahead. ''Girls Chase Boys'' probably sounds more like Sara Bareilles and less of Ingrid but due to its radio-friendly tune and catchy lyrics (not to mention the fun video), it will definitely draw attention to the album that it deserves.
Ingrid Michaelson - "Lights Out" ..... Online Price $35.10