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Tribal is as primal a rock 'n' roll record as you could ever find, infused with the spirit of Sun Studios, where the sound was born in Memphis, Tennessee — but given a 21st century kick up the butt by a girl from the back streets of Dublin. Tribal - her third album, after Love Tattoo and the Top Ten hit "Mayhem" — is her punchiest yet. The songs on Tribal are infused with the rebel spirit that launched rock 'n' roll on an unsuspecting world way back in the mid-1950s, but also the rebel spirit of the punk bands Imelda admired growing up in Dublin in the late 1970s as the youngest of five siblings — The Clash and The Undertones, The Buzzcocks and The Cramps.
Imelda May - "Tribal" ..... Online Price $28.80