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The very first Red House album is Greg Brown's rustic masterwork and this 30th Anniversary LP reissue has completely remastered sound and updated liner notes. Here's the inspiration for Red House founder Bob Feldman to start the label in 1983, sounding even better than 30 years ago. Brown worked as a regular on radio's "Prarie Home Companion" in the 1980s and gigged at coffeehouses more accustomed to hosting open mics than one of the finest singer/songwriters of the time. His lyrical genius shines; virtually all of Brown's albums are in the modern folk tradition. You'll hear echoes of Leon Redbone's old-timey jazz, Bob Dylan's talking blues, and a stereotypical bluegrass sound, like the Alison Krauss band without Krauss. This music celebrates midwestern ways like a fond Garrison Keiler remembrance.

Greg Brown "Iowa Waltz" : Online Price $35.10