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Freddie Hubbard entered Creed Taylor's studio for the third time in 1971 with the express purpose of making a record radically different from anything he'd cut before. He was looking for his new record to use electricity and to be out of the soul-jazz mold, but was also more ambitious and wanted to push that envelope and himself. Taylor and Hubbard assembled a band that included Herbie Hancock, Eric Gale, George Benson, Ron Carter, Jack DeJohnette, Airtop Moreira and Richard Wyands. The album is part of a loose trilogy including his two previous records, Red Clay and Straight Life. Now available in its essential form, First Light was mastered from the original analog tapes and pressed on 180-gram audiophile-grade vinyl at Pallas.
Freddie Hubbard - "First Light" ..... Online Price $44.10