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Numbered, limited edition 180-gram LP 1959 Capitol album reunites Sinatra and arranger Gordon Jenkins: Bluesy, slow songs underline themes of loneliness and despair. Often viewed as the sister album to 1957's Where Are You?, this third pairing of Sinatra and Jenkins yields slower tempos, more deliberate textures, and lonelier emotions. A profound sense of tragedy burrows into both the luscious strings and Sinatra's timbre, laced with ache, wanderlust, and dismay. Jokingly referred to by Ol' Blue Eyes as one of his "suicide albums," it instead harnesses the wrenching agony, painful solitude, and desolate helplessness that accompany romantic loss and failure of fulfillment. They're universal sentiments, and sensations Sinatra convincingly conveys, envisioning himself as the protagonist in each of the songs.

Original Master on 180 gram vinyl from the Mobile Fidelity Label. ON SPECIAL

Frank Sinatra - No One Cares Numbered Limited - Mono ..... Online Price $58.00