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Recorded at its namesake the Saint Cecilia Hotel in the midst of the band's two headline sets at 2016's Austin City Limits festival, Foo Fighters' five-song Saint Cecilia EP is both a scrapbook of nearly forgotten moments in the band's 20-year odyssey and a heartfelt thank you to the legions of FF faithful who have made that journey possible.

Returning to the city where the Sonic Highways' album and HBO docuseries concept was born, Foo Fighters instantly transformed the intimate, secluded retreat into a makeshift studio: Within a day, the office became a control room, the bar was littered with mics and cable, the kitchen packed with amps and the fireplace obstructed by a drum kit. Decades of music no one outside the band had heard, fragments and long forgotten riffs from every album — closing cut "The Neverending Sigh" is 20 years old! — were exhumed or pieced together for the first time, all without the usual pressures and expectations that come with making an "album."

Foo Fighters - "Saint Cecilia" ..... Online Price $19.80