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Flume's new album "Skin" has more than a dozen fresh tracks with a guest list rife with noteworthy musical collaborators. The album includes early hit singles "Never Be Like You featuring Kai," "Say It featuring Tove Lo," and "Smoke & Retribution featuring Vince Staples. The track, titled "Tiny Cities," is a collaboration with Beck that blends the Aussie electro beat maker Flume's trademark sound with infectious vocals and melodies by Beck. Skin has something to offer everyone, and although it has many of the same ingredients of his 2013 self-titled album, it adds more of each ingredient into the mix, writes reviewer Henry Solotarofff-Webber. Skin is notably more bold and experimental than its predecessor. Flume's melodies are less clean, less flowy and at times, even grimy. Flume also moves his percussion more to the forefront of the music, increasing both its presence and its polyrhythm.
Flume - "Skin" ..... Online Price $40.50