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Sonically, this record is one of the best ever produced by Decca (recorded in 1956/57). The unprepared listener is literally swept off his or her feet. To better enjoy this tremendous experience, we would advise the listeners to put their feet up, relax, and listen with rapt attention. A Do-not-disturb sign on the door is to be recommended. What rushes out to the connoisseur from the loudspeakers lets them feel the rousing breath of the music straight away. The LSO, conducted by Ataulfo Argenta, plays with a vitality rarely achieved. They play with animation, vivacity and pure enjoyment, with precision and lucidity. The pieces chosen are a carefully assembled medley of Spanish music. Interestingly enough, most of the music was written by non-Spanish composers. All in all, it has become a legendary recording, which caused quite a stir even in its mono version. The FFSS version ranks among the very best recordings ever issued.
Espana - "Argenta / London Symphony Orchestra" ..... Online Price $39.60