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The ultra-hyped, hugely celebrated return of the King most certainly did not disappoint. During his military service, Elvis fans waited anxiously for new material. Record label executives worried about whether he'd still be able to crank out the hits. Radio stations were dying for something new for their most requested playlist. It all combined to mount tremendous pressure on Elvis and all involved to deliver something that lived up to expectations. As it turned out, it was worthy of a giant yellow exclamation point on the front cover!

Almost immediately after his service time had ended, Elvis entered the studio in March 1960 to record a batch of songs that would go on to become monumental worldwide hits. The singles "Are You Lonesome Tonight" and "It's Now Or Never" created a tidal wave of excitement. And the LP tracks like "Fever," "The Thrill Of Your Love," "Dirty, Dirty Feeling" and "Like A Baby" confirmed that the King was still able to deliver.

"...This 45rpm mastering by George Marino at Sterling Sound is astonishing. Yes, the double 45rpm format is bound to yield a sonic improvement and I'd never bet against Kevin Gray and Steve Hoffman at AcousTech, but this sounds so far superior in almost every way."

Original Master Re-issues 2 x 45 RPM 200 gram vinyl Analogue

Elvis Presley "Elvis is Back" : 2 x 45 RPM Analogue: Online Price : $67.50

------- Quality : Australian distributor for------

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