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"The new Elvis album is a wonderful thing, with the noiseless surfaces and high-quality graphics and packaging I've come to expect from Speakers Corner's LP reissues...As with their other LPs, to hear the Speakers Corner version of the record is to hear it as the person who bought the original might have. To me, that's the best one could ask for, historically, artistically, and for the sheer fun of it." - Art Dudley, Stereophile, June 2005

In 1959, at the time when RCA launched this record on the market, the label’s shining rock star was out of the country doing his military service in Germany. In order to comfort all his fans during his forced absence, the record bosses produced an album with a smartly uniformed Elvis on the cover, smiling widely to let his faithful followers know that he’d be back soon. There was a special calendar, too, so that his fans could count off the days until his return.

Original Master Re-issues 180 gram vinyl from Speakers Corner.

Elvis Presley "A Date with Elvis" : Speakers Corner : Online Price : $39.60

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