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Music on Vinyl continues with their outstanding Bob Dylan reissue series on Analog Mastered Vinyl. "Another Side of Bob Dylan" is Bob Dylan's fourth studio album, originally released on August 8, 1964. The album deviates from the more socially conscious style which Dylan had developed with his previous LP, The Times They Are A-Changin'. 180 gram audiophile vinyl Remastered Mono Edition

For those of you that haven't experienced early Bob Dylan in glorious mono sound you're in for a mind-boggling experience. "Mono," you say. "That can't be good." For this music, it's the only way to hear it properly. The first few Dylan LPs were essentially solo, that is guitar, vocals and harmonica. On the stereo mixes, BobĀ¹s vocal is in the middle, guitar left or right and harmonica on the other channel; very strange and quite unatural.

Bob Dylan "Another Side Of Bob Dylan" (mono) (180 gram)" ..... Online Price $34