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By the mid 1950s, the Hungarian cellist Janos Starker (1924-2013) was already a legend and principal cellist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra under Reiner. EMI producer Walter Legge arranged for Starker to record all the essential works in his repertoire and this stereo recording of the Dvorák concerto, made at London's Kingsway Hall in 1956, has become a highly collectable album. As the Telegraph obituary put it: 'Starker possessed a phenomenal technique. His bow attacked the strings with both a ravishing intensity and a deep, biting edge. He was equally startling to watch, his piercing black eyes glaring out from beneath deep black eyebrows.' But he wasn't all scary – many a recital programme involved him performing in short sleeves, puffing on a cigarette (he smoked 60 a day) and sipping scotch, interspersed with sharing his low opinions on conductors.
Dvorak and Faure - "Cello Concerto and Elegie for Cello and Orch" ..... Online Price $49.50