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Dead Can Dance: Anastasis

Anastasis, their first new recording since 1996's Spiritchaser Includes digital download code for the album "Specializes in richly atmospheric music laced with medieval folk elements and esoteric ethnic influences." — New Yorker The New York Times describes Dead Can Dance as "mixing elements of western medieval music, world-beat and synth-rock's magisterial sweep." Forming in Australia more than 30 years ago, Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry have created 10 critically acclaimed albums including the classic Into The Labyrinth in 1993 and the retrospective Memento in 2005. Perry and Gerrard began working on Anastasis in the autumn of 2011. Perry said of the sessions at Ireland's Quivy Studios, "Lisa and myself are genuinely excited to be working together again in the studio."

Dead Can Dance "Anastasis" (2 L.P.s) - Online Price $37.80